Month: December 2017

Why I Use Wool Dryer Balls and You Should Too

There are so many great reasons to use wool dryer balls. The dryer balls wool works great. It is 100% natural and chemical free. Conventional dryer sheets and fabric softeners can cause irritation to your skin, especially for those of you who suffer from psoriasis or eczema. The chemicals found in dryer sheets will shock you and you will never want to use them again. Here’s why I use dryer balls and you should too:

They are Inexpensive and Durable

If you have ever tried to save a penny and reuse your commercial dryer sheets, you’ve probably ended up with the frayed fabric of dryer sheets embedded in your clothes. It looks like stringy, white hairs all over your clean load of laundry. Often times, you’ll need to rewash to get rid of this. You can’t reuse dryer sheets and they can cost up to eight dollars a box; over time that’s going to add up. Instead of spending almost two hundred dollars a year on dryer sheets, make a one time purchase on wool dryer balls. I don’t mean that they will last forever but they are durable and depending on how much laundry you dry, they can last anywhere from two to five years. 

They Are Fun to Make

Even if you are not crafty, you will be able to make your own wool dryer balls. It’s a simple craft and a fun family project. You can recycle your old, worn out wool sweaters and coats or use wool yarn to make dryer balls. You can make as few or as many as you like. They make great gifts, to give to family, friends and neighbors. So, spend a rainy day making your own wool dryer balls.

Why I Use Wool Dryer Balls and You Should Too

You Can Add Your Own Scents

Many times you look for your favorite scented candles, dryer sheets, detergent and air fresheners. Why not infuse your dryer balls with your favorite aromas. All you need are your favorite essential oils. You can add lavender, camomile, wintergreen, lemon and so many more. Mix and match your favorite scents, to create a one of a kind dryer ball. Add a few drops to your dryer balls, allow them to dry and voila, scented dryer balls. They are better than scented dryer sheets and the scent will last for at least four or five loads. You can even make your dryer balls ahead of time and store them in an airtight container. Just grab a few, toss them in with your wet clothes and they’ll come out smelling great!

They Reduce Static Cling and Wrinkles

No one likes to pull on a sweatshirt and walk around shocking people, or do they? Static electricity can be eliminated with wool dryer balls. They naturally absorb static cling and keep it off of your clothes and towels. Dryer balls also fluff your clothes and separate them during the drying process. Your clothes will dry in half the time and come out wrinkle free. No need to break out the ironing board and iron.